Sagrat Cor

English Week diary: Friday

1st & 2nd primaria

Today is a very special day! It’s Carnival and the last day of our English Week! We have our costumes on and our performances ready to show our friends our singing skills!

We have learn today a few more words and stories about the prehistory and we have even done our own cave!

It’s been so nice and fun learning all these new things that we just will say thank you with a big raaaaagghhhh!

3rd & 4th primaria

Today is the last day of the English Week. We really enjoy it and learned a lot of different things about monsters.

To show what we learned we created our world in a box and we explained it to our classmates.

We spent all the week working really hard and having fun, for this reason they give us a certificate of Excellence.

5th & 6th primaria

Today it’s a big day for 5th & 6th grade! We have performed our songs in front of devoted audience! We have seen Spice Girls, Maroon 5, backstreet boys and many more! The show has been a success because of the groups hard work.

We want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and your amazing work during the week!