Sagrat Cor

English Week diary: Thursday

1st & 2nd primaria

All the children from 1st and 2nd grade, were full of energy to start a new day! We have talked about different landscapes and which is our ideal place to live.

Every day it’s easier to communicate to each other in English and we always say thank you, sorry and please when we ask something to our friends or teachers.

Also we’ve been practicing our favourites dino songs and learning the lyrics to sing the songs in front of our teachers tomorrow! Such an exciting day!

3rd & 4th primaria

Today we learnt a lot of things about the animals and creatures of the sea, some of them seem monsters!

Also we played some games, we made a human pyramid of 20 students!

5th & 6th primaria

Today we designed our own uniform!!! We kept rehearsing for the music festival and finally finished the graffiti.

It’s been a long day and we are a bit nervous as the festival and presentations are tomorrow but still had to focuss and play the “Made in UK quizz” where we had to remember everything we learned.