Sagrat Cor

English Week diary: Tuesday

1st & 2nd primaria

Today, we learnt a lot about food and we compared our diet with a dino diet. Did you know that some dinosaurs eat vegetables like us?

We had loads of fun making our own dino mouth and explaining what our favorite food is!

In the afternoon we enjoyed and improving our speaking and sharing our dancing and singing shills with our class colleagues!

3rd & 4th primaria

We continue learning about monster.

Do you know what they eat? Ask to our students and we will explain you!

Also we made a monster photo call!

5th & 6th

Today we learned about the education system in UK and while after the break, primary 6th was getting to know more about the music in United Kingdom, primary 5th was outside playing rugby, dodgeball, waterbottled-handball and baseball.

In the afternoon, primary 5th has been designing the stencils for the big graffiti we will spray in the playground tomorrow!!!

6th has been designing the music festival we will be performing on Friday.