Sagrat Cor

English Week Diary: Wednesday

1st & 2nd primaria

Another fun day with 1st and 2nd grade! This morning we have been talking about measures and learning new vocabulary. It’s been so interesting measuring ourselves and comparing our sizes!

Later on we’ve made our own dino footprint with tissue paper, glue and the boxes we have brought from home. Now we are ready to stomp, stomp, stomp!

3rd & 4th primaria

Today we are learning the emotions. Do you know that monsters have emotions too?

Also we had a contest! We have to guess the words doing mimics, drawing or without saying the forbidden words!

5th & 6th primaria

Today we kept working on the music festival and also we discovered who Banksy is.

We designed our own stencil and some of us started spraying on the wall in our playground.

In the afternoon, with our monitors, we will compete in a rugby/baseball league in a much bigger field now we know how to play!

The rest will keep spraying the wall and organizing the festival. Will be epic!!