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The English Week has begun!

The English Week has begun!

A week in which elementary will only use English! There will be five days full of activities specially designed so that the children learn this language following the curriculum of each course.
The English Week is made possible thanks to a team of 29 native teachers from Home to Home, who will lead the classes together with the tutors, also present in the classrooms.
Each cycle will deal with a common thread: 1st and 2nd graders will talk about dinosaurs and 3rd and 4th about monsters. In 5th and 6th they will explore British traditions.
Today we have premiered in the Higher Cycle with a presentation of each student and an introduction to the Great Britain geography and history. In Middle Cycle they have learned and described their monsters and, in the Initial Cycle, they have enjoyed workshops and stories adapted to their theme: dinosaurs.

English Week diary: monday

1st & 2nd primaria

Today is the first Dinoday!!

We have learnt a lot of new words about dinousaurs and how they used to be.

Playing games and learning riddles have been so much fun as well! We met Harry, our story time main character, and he explained a lot of adventures to us!

3rd & 4th primaria

Today we start the English Week!

We are learning a lot of things about monsters: how they look like, how many eyes they have,… and we made our roll monster!

Also we played some monster games and we read a monster story!

5th & 6th primaria

Today we started the English Week, we met our teachers and as all of the are natives, we can only speak English with them.

Comencem l’English Week! Una setmana en què primària únicament utilitzarà l’anglès a classe! Són cinc dies plens d’activitats especialment pensades perquè els nens i nenes aprenguin aquest idioma seguint el currículum de cada curs.

L’English Week es fa realitat gràcies a un equip de 29 professors nadius de Home to Home, que dirigiran les classes juntament amb els tutors, també presents a les aules.

Cada cicle tractarà un fil conductor: els alumnes de 1r i 2n parlaran dels dinosaures i els de 3r i 4t dels monstres, mentre que a 5è i 6è exploraran els costums i tradicions britàniques.

Avui ens hem estrenat al Cicle Superior amb una presentació de cada alumne i una introducció a la geografia i història de la Gran Bretanya. A Cicle Mitjà han conegut i descrit als seus monstres i a Cicle Inicial han gaudit de tallers i contes adaptats a la seva temàtica: els dinosaures.