The school equipment that our students need varies depending on their age.

Children in the Pre-primary Education phase wear a smock all day for their various activities, and have sports kit for the days when they do psychomotor activities or go on an excursion.

Our students wear school uniforms from primary education up to the second year of secondary school, and a smock while at primary school. They also use the school sports kit for physical education and sports classes.

Students do not wear uniforms in the final years of secondary school, high school and the Vocational Training Programmes, and they are asked to attend the school properly dressed for study.

School equipment can be purchased at:

  • Uniformes Mínime

Carrer de la Duquessa d’Orleans, 60
08034 Barcelona
Tel: 93 667 52 30

  • Uniformes de Colegio

Carrer Ramón Miquel i Planas, 10-16
08034 Barcelona
Tel: 93 252 32 12