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In compliance with the provisions of the RGPD, we inform you that your data will be treated in our files, in order to maintain and comply with the relationship with our entity, including the sending of communications within the framework of the aforementioned relationship

Also, your data will be ceded in all cases where it is necessary for the development, compliance and control of the relationship with our entity or in the cases in which it is authorized by a rule with a legal rank. In compliance with the RGPD, you can exercise your ARCO rights before the Sagrat Cor de Sarrià, at Carrer Sagrat Cor 25, 08034 – Barcelona, ​​enclosing a photocopy of your DNI.

The content of this communication, as well as that of all the attached documentation, is subject to the duty of secrecy and is directed solely to its recipient. In the event that you were not the recipient, we ask that you indicate so and not communicate its content to third parties, proceeding to its destruction.