Garden project


The garden project begins with a first part at nursery school in which some seeds are planted in the e-curtain in the classroom.




Ecortina for Education from ecortina on Vimeo. (spanish language)


This first step in taking responsibility and caring for plants increases until work begins on the school’s real garden, in the fourth year of primary school. At that point, the students sow, water, harvest, clean… and finally, they eat the harvest!

In the garden, the students discover the various factors involved in the growth of plants and vegetables, the tools required, how to prevent pests, how climate and fauna affect the harvest, etc.

This is a very exciting activity in which they assess the work in the field, work cooperatively, become aware of nature and sustainability, and find out the specific vocabulary.

They discover and value the importance of caring for the environment and the work of farmers, and they like it so much that many of them decide to continue doing these tasks in small gardens at home.