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According to our principles and our religious values, we are determined to educate our students to become agents of social change and committed 21st-century citizens. We would also like our students to embrace the four pillars of learning defined by UNESCO: learning to know, to do, to be and to live together. The school founder, Magdalena Sofia Barat, guides us with her uplifting phrases and embodies herself every single one of the values, skills and competences which our school teachers consider essential for our students to gain along their educational way.  These values are the fruit of a thorough reflection which our teachers have recently held.

“Our endeavor will be complete when our students have become genuine and strong enough to devote their lives to help others with humility”

(St. Magdalena Sofia Barat)



“Let our students be authentic and deep, rather shallow and superficial”

(St. Magdalena Sofia Barat)

FLEXIBLE: adjusting to changes

SPIRITUAL: devoting to others while going beyond their own selves

INDEPENDENT: making their own choices and decisions without letting current tendencies influence them

HONEST: behaving according to their principles, ideas and moral values

GENEROUS: volunteering to help others

SENSITIVE: capable of being touched while appreciating the other  people´s circumstances

THANKFUL: appreciating what they receive from others

AUTONOMOUS: monitoring their own needs, showing self-confidence and self-assurance

JOYFUL: keeping a positive attitude even in difficult times  while spreading it around wherever they are



“There are few strong people. Let´s educate some so that they can educate others to make change possible” (St. Magdalena Sofia Barat)

COOPERATIVE: willing to help and work with others

LOYAL: committing to their principles and to humankind

SUPPROTIVE: caring for people´s needs

RESPECTFUL: recognizing and accepting diversity

SELF-CONSCIOUS: thinking and behaving according to their principles while connecting to their inner selves

EMPATHETIC: sympathizing with and understanding the other

DEVOTED TO SOCIAL SERVICE: concerning about the others´ well-being



“Your actions teach more efficiently than your words” (St. Magdalena Sofia Barat)

SHOWING COMMUNICATIVE SKILLS: actively listening to and efficiently communicating feelings, thoughts and ideas, impacting on others

CRITICAL THINKING: self-monitoring and self-correcting their own decisions and opinions according to their own moral principles

CURIOUS: willing to grasp the unknown

DIGITAL SKILLS: wisely using and making the most of the new technologies and progress

THOUGHTFUL: capable of weighing advantages and disadvantagesion



“Let´s become agents of social change  to turn our society  into a fairer and more caring one” (St. Magdalena Sofia Barat)

STRONG: able to face difficulties and move on

HARD-WORKING: committing to and struggling for their goals

CREATIVE: capable of looking into reality from different perspectives and coming up with new solutions

DECISIVE: finding effective alternatives to everyday problems

RESPONSIBLE: aware of the impact of their actions while making decisions accordingly

TENACIOUS: determined to not easily give up  when pursuing  their aims