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In our students’ education process, it is important that they learn to open up to others, as well as to other situations. Only then will they be able to recognise other people and understand that plurality enriches us as people and as a society. In order to achieve this goal, we need to carry out various projects, events and initiatives that will make it possible for them to engage in the world’s cultural diversity and openness.


Some of our most important projects are:



Students of different ages form part of a band that travels around the world.


  • UN (United Nations) IN CAMBRIDGE

Students prepare and research a different problem each year, and attend the annual meeting where they discuss, inform and debate with other international students based on the same protocols used at the United Nations.



The trip to Auschwitz is part of a project that takes place in high school to understand diverse and multicultural life experiences.



A spiritual and reflective stay in France.



We take part in international demonstrations and contests all over the world.



Students on Vocational Training Programmes have the opportunity to do their internships abroad.