KINDNESS CHALLENGE: How we make life better with kindness?

The main idea of this challenge is to make students aware of how important it is to learn and live spreading kindness towards others and towards the environment, while enhancing our own values.

Throughout eight weeks, students of 1st ESO carry out a challenge called “How can we make life better with kindness?” The aim of it is to organise and set up an International Bloggers’ Congress with students from Sacred Heart schools’ network from all around the world to share and embrace environmental and social proposals, doing activities with kindness as a guideline.

As the challenge is in English, students practice all their skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing), as well as being able to present their ideas to an audience in a live connection.

They also practice their writing skills creating their own blog in which all the activities they carry out are summarised. Some of these help students not only to be sensitive to the human environmental impact, but also to avoid or minimize the consequences of it.

Our students must do some research about important environmental facts creating a game from scratch. They also learn about the microplastics problem, their effects and consequences creating a mural with recycled materials.

Moreover, they listen to interesting testimonies, such as a migrant who fled his country to have a better life. They also meet Spanish people who lived abroad. In both cases, the students are conscious of how important kindness is to have a positive impact in our society. They learn about other social and cultural backgrounds in order to empathise and help others.

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